Long Nights and Long Knives

ISBN 1-84683-156-3
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by Alastair Tompkins
A novel set in Kenya at the time of the 1952 Mau Mau insurgency     

The place is Kenya, East Africa. The year is 1952. In the area bordering the Kikuyu Tribal Reserve, a chain of disturbing and unusual events starts to unfold...

Called upon to investigate the brutal murder of a European farmer and his wife, Superintendent Lewis and Chief Inspector Dundas of the Kenya Police stumble upon something far more sinister than they could ever have imagined.

With their only witness dead and their suspect disappeared, the long hunt to trace the person or persons responsible and to bring them to justice begins...

details softback | 140 x 205mm | 238 pages
genre historical crime / detective novel

Kenya | British Colonial Police | Mau Mau rebellion