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We specialise in publishing books with a historical/nostalgic content and over the past 30 years we have published books on a wide variety of subjects, including memoirs, biographies, military history, local history, historical fiction ... and much else.

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Below is just small selection of our published titles ~ take a look in our bookshop for details of all the books we have published.


From 1 to 1000 Horsepower

From 1 to 1000 Horsepower by Fergus Davidson
ISBN 1-903953-52-9

by Fergus Davidson

Experiences of a Scottish WW2 fighter pilot with 534, 91 and 229 Squadrons of the RAF

Twin Bases Remembered

Twin Bases Remembered by Norman Rose
ISBN 978-184683-174-4
by Norman Rose
A personal history of the RAF and USAF at Bentwaters & Woodbridge 1943-1993


Gyorgy by Gyorgy Nadasdy and Julia Pinner
ISBN 978-184683-172-0

by Gyorgy Nadasdy & Julia Pinner

Experiences of a teenage Freedom Fighter in the 1956 Hungarian Uprising & the years in exile that followed

Flying Boats, Fathers & Fate

Flying Boats, Fathers & Fate by Trevor Richter
ISBN 978-1-84683-168-3
by Trevor Richter
A tale of two RAF pilots in the Far East during World War IIand the remarkable coincidence that connected them

From Ypres to Georgetown

From Ypres to Georgetown by Bob Simmons
ISBN 978-1-84683-171-3
by Bob Simmons (with Sheryl Sinclair)
An Englishman’s adventures in Europe & the Far East during World War II& postwar career in Television

Flying Upside Down

Flying Upside Down by Richard G Walker
ISBN 9781-84683-169-0
by Richard G. Walker
Memories of childhood / adolescence during and after WW2 in Stopsley, Bedfordshire and subsequent RAF National Service

How I Became a Pathfinder Navigator

Pathfinder Force Navigator by Peter Saville
ISBN 9781-84683-167-6
by Peter D Saville
My aircrew training and subsequent activities with No.35 Squadron RAF during and after World War II

Naafi, Nijmegen & the Path to Norway

Naafi, Nijmegen & the Path to Norway by Joan Blackburn
ISBN 9-781-84683-170-6
by Joan Blackburn
Further adventures of a WRAF Airwoman – 1971 and beyond…

Caversham Park and its People BC to BBC

Caversham Park & People BC to BBC by Mike Read
ISBN 1-84683-165-2
by Mike Read
The remarkable history of a Berkshire stately home and its many occupants during 1000+ years of British history

This House

This House by Jeff Pack
ISBN 1-84683-157-1

by Jeff Pack

The remarkable history of a suburban villa in North Ealing, its owners/residents since 1901 and its surrounding square mile in Pitshanger village

Will We Fly Above Those Clouds?

Will We Fly above Those Clouds by Michael P Sutton
ISBN 1-84683-153-9
by Michael P Sutton
A pilot's varied experiences with the RN Fleet Air Arm, De Havilland, JC Bamford, Lear Jet and Dassault 1943-73

Goodhart : The Story of an Exceptional Man

Goodhart: The Story of an Exceptional Man by Barrie Williams and Richard Harris
ISBN 1-84683-146-6

by Richard Harris & Barrie Williams

A biography of Rear Admiral Nicholas Goodhart, CB, Legion of Merit, FRAeS, RN (1919–2011)

Songs & Ditties of the Fleet

Songs & Ditties of the Fleet by Richard Barr & Bernie Bruen
ISBN 1-84683-143-1
by Richard Barr & Bernie Bruen
A collection of song lyrics, poems and humorous observations informed by the authors' combined experiences in the Royal Navy 1950s-1980s

Unlikely Birds of Many Lands and Other Rhymes

Unlikely Birds of Many Lands by Ian Rae
ISBN 1-84683-133-1
by Ian Rae
An eclectic collection of humorous poems and Limericks

A Pilot's Perspective

a pilots perspective by cedric flood [cover] 3d
ISBN 1-84683-130-X

by Cedric Flood

A former airline captain's reflections on a lifetime of commercial and private flying 1950-2012

Airborne Animals and Cockpit Companions

Airborne Animals & Cockpit Companions by Colin Pateman
ISBN 1-84683-126-1
by Colin Pateman
An illustrated account of the various animals kept as pets and mascots by wartime airmen

Children of the Wave

Children of the Wave by John Godwin
ISBN 1-84683-090-7

by John Godwin

An engaging historical novel set in 18th century Bristol at the time of the anti-slavery movement

Pull Up a Sandbag

Pull up a Sandbag
ISBN 1-84683-074-5

by Jonathan Smiles

A ribald collection of stories, jokes and anecdotes contributed by a variety of British military personnel

Cirla's Story

Cirlas Story by Cirla Lewis
ISBN 1-84683-051-6

by Cirla Lewis

A young Jewish girl's traumatic experiences in occupied Belgium during WW2

Dancing with Dyspraxia

dancing with dyspraxia book cover
ISBN 1-84683-052-4

by Hazel Carr 

A practical guide for Parents and Teachers of children with Dyspraxia 

The Chutes of the Vyne

The Chutes of the Vyne by Francis Chute
ISBN 1-903953-92-8
by Francis Chute
A history of the Chute family and their connection with The Vyne, their stately home in Hampshire for over 300 years

Prestwick's Pioneer

Prestwicks Pioneer by Dougal McIntyre
ISBN 1-903953-59-6

by Dougal McIntyre

Biography of David F. McIntyre, first pilot to fly over Everest and founder of Scottish Aviation


retribution by mike jupp [cover]
ISBN 1-873203-64-0

by Mike Jupp

A hilarious modern-day fairytale for older kids and grown-ups

The South Coast Beat Scene of the 1960s

The South Coast Beat Scene by Mike Read
ISBN 1-903953-14-6

by Mike Read

An informal history of the local music scene in the South of England during the 1960s ... from skiffle to psychedelia

Long Nights and Long Knives

long nights & long knives by alastair tompkins
ISBN 1-84683-156-3
by Alastair Tompkins
A novel set in Kenya at the time of the 1952 Mau Mau insurgency